Best iOS Games Of The Week

| November 16, 2013 | 2 Comments

Best iOS Games Of The Week

We sincerely sort out some of the best iOS games at the end of the week, so the same happens here. We’ve come with some iPhone & iPad games that’ll really make you feel fresh.

GT Racing 2

Best iOS Games Of The Week

One that’ll really hit you is its special weather effects as they do a very good job there. It makes you feel like having true stuff. Apart from weather effects, there’re lots of things in this game that have very strong appealing force. It’s like a stuff that you haven’t tasted so far. So go and take the thrilling bytes of GT Racing 2.

Neon Shadow

Best iOS Games Of The Week

Neon Shadow is an old school FPS which allows the game players to get the real shooting experience. Many gamers love to play shooting games mostly, so here’s a chance to get your best one.

Epoch 2

Best iOS Games Of The Week

Epoch 2 is a kind of stuff that everyone loves to play as it comes with simple and easy controls, your enemies will be dead in a single tap, sounds great isn’t it? Get yourself ready to swipe between the cover points. The sequel in this game has lots of variations that you would love to play and you can’t get bored even after multiple game-plays.

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