Best iOS Games of the Week

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Best iOS games of the week

We always try to keep you posted with the titles that just have hit the App Store’s shelves. So, this week we bring you the best iOS games that could help you find more entertainment and fun.

Trials Frontier

Trials Frontier, ios game

Want to enjoy a real fun right on your iOS device? The Trials Frontier knows perfectly how to engage you for a longer period of time. It’s all about biking that incites your inner child who demands more for play. The addictive title is absolutely free to play and offers a physics-based gameplay spicing up the time you’ve just spent on it.


Instantion, a new game for iOS devices

It is a newly-released puzzle game that might feel you a little easy at first, but will gradually get tough with the move you make on the next level. It offers 50 different levels, 120 puzzles and lot more to explore. The more quick you are, the more score you earn.


Groundskeeper2, an iPhone game

What about having fight with aliens? There’ll be monsters and robots from the outer world, and you have been thrown into the middle of the war. So, use your wits and make wise decisions to get through. All you need to survive against the supernatural robots that stop you from going ahead.

Which one is your favorite? Please let us know about your views on each in the comment section below.


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