The Best iOS Games of the Week

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Best iOS Games of the Week

Want to know what kinds of games have been floated around in last few days? If so, come and pick your own one. It’s really difficult to pile up the latest titles that just have made its releases. Anyhow, we as usually manage to bring you the latest games of the time. So, go ahead and see your favorite one listed down here.

Card City Nights

Card City Nights a best option for your pass time

It might remind you of Pokemon a card trading game. You aren’t going to stick with a boring card game, thanks to Ludosity AB who did a great job giving variation from till to end. The addictive title presents a cartoony card battle that contains a lot of fun and entertainment which you must have never seen before. There are some new things to meet such as unique storyline, smooth jazz and hip hop soundtracks.

Out There

new game for your iPhone

Have you ever wished to go on the universe or out of the earth? So, get ready for a great adventure that’ll take you beyond the limits but only virtually. Yeah, I am talking about ‘Out There’ a newly release title includes all that you wanted to do in your real life. It basically a sci-fi adventure that keeps the users bound for long gameplays. Explore different universes with a keen instinct to get more out of available source. Find what this game comprises for you.


calculords a new ios game

Just imagine you are the only who can take the responsibilities of defending your last territory. The new game incorporates much of the sentiments but with enough incentive to fight against the evil Hate Bit who has just destroyed Earth. Next it’s coming to your Star Nerd, a last place where you exists. So, it would be a fun to fight for the cause of your presence by battling with the evil who want to destroy everything. So are you ready for that?


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