Best iOS Games for Your Leisure

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Best iOS Games for Your Leisure

What do you do in your pass time? If it’s just sitting idle then you must be doing wrong to yourself. There’re loads of other ways that can give you a complete entertainment. It’s up to you how you manage your leisure; it could be anything from watching movie to playing games. Taking care of your free time, we somehow manage to bring you some of the best iOS games coming in the recent days. Let’s delve which one will go better for you.


FINAL FANTASY VI newly-released title for your iPhone

The thrilling RPG title contains enough heat to sidestep all of your stress in a few gameplays. Coming with enchanting worlds and 14 playable characters, the game strikes very well to your hunger for true gaming experience. So, are you ready for an endless fun?


Threes! an easy title for your handset

Want to have an easy but clever title on your iPhone? Here’s a godsend game designed to meet your requirements. Threes a puzzle sort of fun that requires simple strategies and presence of mind. It doesn’t require too much complexity to play. It fits perfectly to all group ages which I think is a plus point of this nifty title. All you need to do is to match the identical tiles that gets difficult with the every move on the next level.

Only One

Only One new thrilling game for your iphone

For me it’s a must-have app for everyone.  Easy storyline and captivating graphics takes you beyond the limits. The app’s name better defines storyline, you need to fight until you stand alone on the tower. The storyline isn’t too much mind sucking, you just need to assassinate all of your opponents. That’s it.


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