Asphalt 4 Ready To Smash Your iPhone

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Asphalt 4 Ready To Smash Your iPhone

Are you ready to smash your iPhone through high speed races? If so get your hands on Asphalt 4 that comes with multiplayer mode. Experience the amazing 3D graphics and use your handset as the steering wheel. Select from 28 licensed dream bikes and cars & zoom through captivating streets of the hippest cities around the world.

Asphalt 4 Ready To Smash Your iPhone

Check your own vehicles in your garage and spend some amount to tune them. You are most wanted person in almost each city and police wants you set back in the jail, for this they keep on finding you with the help of roadblocks and helicopters. It is up to you how you handle them. Can you become the king of urban racing?


  • Play with your friends in the exclusive multiplayer mode.
  • 28 licensed vehicles from world’s most famous manufacturers; Bugatti, Ferrari, Martin, Aston, Kawasaki, Chevrolet Corvette, and many more…
  • Use your handset as a steering wheel, accelerometer controls are very responsive.
  • 9 captivating cities in the world of 3D; Paris, New York, Dubai, Shanghai, Monte Carlo, Mumbai, St. Petersburg, San Francisco and Beverly Hills.
  • 5 thrilling racing modes; Duel, Race, Cash Attack, Cop Chase, and Beat them all.


  • iOS 2.1 or later
  • Compatible with iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone

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