Angry Birds Update With 22 New Levels

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For game lovers, angry birds update with 22 new levels including 2 bonus levels coming at the end of this game. Yes it is now becoming more popular among youngsters and kids even every person like it very much.

From the early days of its life it takes place in approximately every device whether it is iPhone, iPad or Mac and other Window systems. It earns too much worth for people to spend their extra time with it.

Now the best thing is that it has too many episodes and levels to play having different characteristics like “escape from hoth” is one of its episodes that fetch 20 levels to reach the peak of success along with 2 addition levels. This update is done by Rovio.

angry birds updated with 22 lavelsWell in this game you need to play strongly against the enemies to take down them by following the asteroid field. In this episode you will see the “mynock pigs” which are able to fly due to their bat wings whereas others just can sit on rocks and other surfaces.

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If you have an iPhone or android device then you can upload these new episodic levels and can get enjoyment while playing this game on your device.

Angry birds update with 22 new levels, really it sounds great and an eye catching game that has bright colors with attractive features to fascinate people to play next to next levels and reinforce them to unlock all its levels.

angry birds star warsIn angry birds star war you will see different episodes along with different pigs face and they are too angry to fight next to their opponents. In escape from hoth, you have to protect the ice planets of pigs and for this purpose you have to be succeeding whole 20 levels to become achiever of this game.

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 You can download this version along with 22 levels by paying 0.99 $ for users who have already bought this game whereas for new customers purchase it by paying 2.99 $ and get enjoy its thrilling action mode.

angry birdsAngry birds update version bring a lot of entertainment and thrilling situations for players to deal with monsters and best use of pigs is necessary for them to play this star war episode of angry birds. It is an adventurous game and creates excitement feelings also for people who just watch it.

From the previous episodes to latest one it changes its modes to play and to keep sustain the attention of its lovers. You can play this game online while going to Google or Amazon sites but newly episodes need to download after paying required amount for it otherwise you have to wait to play this game.

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