5 Tips To Mastering Plants vs. Zombies 2

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5 Tips To Mastering Plants vs. Zombies 2

Considering that the Plants vs. Zombies 2 has been downloaded from the App Store for more than 20 million times, it shows that people are taking interest in this nifty game.

5 Tips To Mastering Plants vs. Zombies 2

Initially available exclusively for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (free to play but with in-app purchases), EA mobile’s zany tower defense ‘strategy game’ can get quite challenging. USA TODAY caught up with the lead designer Mohan Rajagopolan and the senior producer Bernie Yee to share few handy tips.

5 Tips To Mastering Plants vs. Zombies 2

As the name sounds, the Plant vs. Zombies 2 pits garden vegetation against the hoards of undead. Using fingertips, you will set the items on the  board including cabbage tossing plants, exploding jalapeno peppers and spitting peas, to save the zombies from. With the benefit of the time machine, you will travel to the worlds like ancient Egypt, Wild West and Pirate Seas. Here are some tips or ways to get most of the game:

  • Try the plant food on all different plants. Some plants you might have dismissed may have really strong plant food effects.
  • Do not hoard your plant food, using one on the sunflower will allow you to get your defense up fast.
  • It is very smart  to use the Plant Food to get out a zombie who is taking Plant Food. You can do many of the damage and in the end you’ve some Plant Food.
  • Try using Plant Food on the catapult plants ( Melon-pult, cabbage-pult, etc.) to deal with the sandstorms and the Raiding Parties.
  • Use the Potato Mines on first one or two zombies in the level so that you can focus on getting the sunflowers out quickly.
  • Collect coins, suns and Plant food all at once by simply swiping, it is much easier and faster than trapping a bunch.
  •  Wall nuts go great with the Bonk Choys, Spikeweeds and Snapdragons. Give them a try atleast!
  • Do not underestimate a spring bean. It is an amazing plant which can turn the tide in the pirate seas.


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