5 iPhone Games You Should Get Your Hands On

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top 5 iPhone games

Want to do something different when you don’t have anything to do? Here, we’ll help you choose your favorite game for your leisure as it is the best and quick way to avoid boredom. We have assorted a list of 5 iPhone games that might spice up your whole day. So, let’s have a peek at them.

Tiny Wings

Tiny Wings

In the childehood, we always wanted to go to the amusement parks. So, the Tiny Wings may remind you of those days with its roller-coaster-like game play. Controls are easy to understand. All you need to keep this little bird moving fast to gain higher speed. I like when this bird touches the clouds and then moves back like a bullet, that’s really awesome.

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3

If you are after some racing stuff, then Real Racing 3 is a free and thrilling game to play when you got nothing to do. The graphics and sound effects are ground-breaking, so enjoy the real fun in Real Racing 3. The multiplayer mode allows the users to have fun with pals.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2

Angry Birds Star Wars II

Rovio is known for its unique and addictive ideas that keep the user’s interest alive for long hours. The Angry Birds Star Wars 2 is the latest push from the Rovio. Now, you got 30 characters to play with 44 new levels. So, why not to have such title that knows how to entertain you in your pastime.

Dead Space

Dead Space

The Electronic Arts’ Dead Space ($7) is a horror shooter title held in the space. You only got mining equipments and need to defend yourself using them. If you want a different storyline, then give this title a try.

Infinity Blade 3

Infinity Blade III

That’s biggie when it comes to real battle experience. The Chair Entertainment’s Infinity Blade 3 ($7) is an action-packed role playing game designed especially for iOS platform. With captivating graphics, the game will give you a true fighting experience.


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