3 Thrilling iOS Games For Your iPhone

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3 Thrilling iOS Games For Your iPhone

We spend most of our time in finding some sources that can really amuse us. So playing games is the best of them that’s why we come with 3 thrilling iOS games that can really put you in a magical world.

Asphalt 8 Airborne

3 Thrilling iOS Games For Your iPhone

The Asphalt 8 is basically a car game developed by the Gameloft. It’s the best racing game for your surplus time. You can now perform the Aerial stunt with enhanced features so you are going to enjoy the intense driving gameplay along with wide and big road tracks. Stunning sound effects and when we talk about the graphics, its awesome. So many shortcuts and ways to finish the race. So enjoy the nifty sound of engines that will reduce your adventure thirst.


3 Thrilling iOS Games For Your iPhone

Qdict developed by Qdict BV is a typing game for your iPhone. Typically, typing games are made for improving your typing with the keyboards on your computers. But this time, you can now test your accuracy and speed in typing with the touch screen on your iPhone. You can even challenge your mates to break your accuracy  & speed in typing. This can really improve your typing skills on a touch screen.

Call of Duty; Strike Team

3 Thrilling iOS Games For Your iPhone

Call of Duty; Strike game made by Activision. Let me tell you something about this awesome game, it’s all about shooting. And now you can feel it on your latest iPhone. But unluckily, it’s not compatible with the iPod touch 4th generation, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. While it’s well compatible with the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S, iPod 5, iPad 4,2,2 mini, iPhone 5/4S. You can now navigate via 3rd person strategy. By applying this 3rd person shooter function, you can compose your strategy to boost the power of your team efficiently and effectively. Those who love shooting games will surely love this game.


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