3 Fearsome iPhone Games For Teenagers

| November 1, 2013 | 2 Comments

3 Fearsome iPhone Games For Teenagers

We’ve come with a scary stuff that includes 3 fearsome iPhone games. You’ll love our assortment as these three games are just going to rock your device.

Plants vs. Zombies

3 Fearsome iPhone Games For Teenagers

A frightening game that combines plants and zombies developed by PopCap. All that you need to do is to grow some various kinds of plants in your own lawn, the problem arises when the cruel zombies invade your nifty lawn, your task is to protect your lawn from these zombies. There’s a big drama is waiting for you. You would feel better when you go for some wise strategies that can really repel zombies.


3 Fearsome iPhone Games For Teenagers

The Limbo is an award winning puzzle game that puts the game player into a scary world. There are lots of creepy characters you’re gonna see in this game that create a terrifying atmosphere. The Limbo is being rocked by  game addicts as it’s a great entertainment for them.

Walking Dead: The Game

3 Fearsome iPhone Games For Teenagers

It’s one of my favorite games that’s why I discuss it lastly, it is utterly horrifying and zombie themed game that creates real fear among the game players. It is based on Robert Kirkman’s comics, and there’re six stages to play through.

Playing Walking Dead: The Game gives a great experience as you’re watching a movie with your controls. You will need to make some quick decisions, but think twice before you do anything.


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