2 Nifty iPhone Games July 2013

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2 Nifty iPhone Games July 2013

Get ready for 2 nifty iPhone games that come with innovative mechanics which take you outside your handset, enjoy the real action and entertainment that has been kept in these two games.

Greedy Dwarf

Crescent Moon Games is known to be best for their massive RPGs, Ravensword and Aralon, but it looks that they are very ambitious to try the new things as their latest game – Greedy Dwarf – is very crazy runner of sorts incorporating lots of gold.

2 Nifty iPhone Games July 2013

In the new 32 levels, you will play as a greedy dwarf escaping from the dragon. You take his gold and he is none pleased about it. The game sets you in a mine cart and directs you hurtling via fascinatingly designed underground areas, where you will have to make sure that you are going to use one of two various control schemes to to keep the mine cart on the way, all while catching more coins.

2 Nifty iPhone Games July 2013

The visuals are awesome, but what makes this game more captivating is the way that your viewpoint sometimes transfer from the familiar rear view to the side view that turns objects into a side scrolling race. This is very nice executed and keeps the new levels feeling exciting. Whether you are hanging, boosting upside~down or simply rocketing along via the caves, you will find the greedy dwarf to be full of awesome surprises.


We have seen lots of monochromatic game demonstrations on the App Store in the last couple of years, and they are all been enjoying homage to the amazingly minimalistic horror platformer, Limbo. At last, the developer playdead has brought the Limbo itself to the iOS, where it remains to thrill.

2 Nifty iPhone Games July 2013

Drooping under the weight of accolades and awards, Limbo barely needs introducing. The game is basically a love letter to the minimalism and proves a certain genius for creating a heavy atmosphere with the deft strokes of gray and black. It is eerie and quiet, and developments slowly enough to intact things tantalizing and accessible.

2 Nifty iPhone Games July 2013

If you have somehow arranged to not play limbo yet, then you are in for an eerie treat. This is one of the  best games across any type to be launched recently, and you owe it to make play and time through it… rather in a dark home with nice headphones!

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