Why Your App keeps crashing in iPhones

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If you are worried about an app keeps crashing in your iPhone setup then stop getting worried because here you will find few fixes for this problem and you will get the best one solution.

Your iPhone is not a simple phone; it is as complicated as a computer and due to its functionality equal to PC and Macs.

Sometimes it happens that when you upload an app on to your device and want to open it but whenever you press the button to view it gets you back towards your home screen which is irritated to you and you get rid off by deleting this app.

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This time you have nothing to do like that just try the fixes solutions for that and then take the decision to delete it.

Restart iPhone:

Restart iPhoneWhen you experience the app keeps crashing while opening it then it might possible it is happening due to the operating system of that device.

Restart technique used first to resolve this problem. You have to press the sleep and wake option for while until it will show you a red screen and give you the option to slide the arrow to shut down the iPhone.

It means your device is turned off now and after a while just press this button again to start the system and keep holding this button until an apple logo will appear in front of your iPhone’s screen by doing that you can easily open your required app.

Solution for freezing applications:

Solution for freezing applicationsIt is usually seen that your iPhone is unable to perform any function and does not respond to touching your fingers on to its screen it is the indicator that your app is in freezing condition and you cannot go back to close the app.

In this condition you need to hold down the home button placed at the top of the device wait for about few seconds to close the app setup and take it back in its real condition.

Currently this function returns you back to the home screen by quitting the apps. To perform your iPhone in proper direction first restart it then try again to open the crashed app, hope then it will run smoothly.

Reset your iPhone:

Reset your iPhoneSometimes iPhone users face condition to fully blank the device to perform any task by opening an app, this happens when sleep and wake button not capable to solve this issue and your iPhone remains in same condition there you need to reset your iPhone to fix this crash problem.

Do this by holding two buttons at the same time and keep pressing it for some time until it will complete its process to reset the device. When iPhone’s screen becomes black and dead this will be the sign of reset the device. Hopefully the app keeps crashing problem will resolve this time.

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