The Weekly Roundup of iOS Apps – Find Your Misplaced iPhone

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Latest iOS apps.

This week our new host of iOS apps brings more new ways to get the best out of your iOS device. One of them helps you find your favorite pet near in your surroundings. There’s also an app that comes handy when you don’t know where you’ve put your cell phone. Scroll down to know more about the others.



The Hipstamatic’s Cinematic ($2) allows users to make their short films of their loved moments, so that they can share it on social networking sites such as Facebook, Vine and Instagram where heavy and long videos don’t get uploaded easily. You can make your short film ranging from three to fifteen seconds.



Looking for a cute puppy? Here’s something for you, the Barkbox’s BarkBuddy (free) is a recently-updated app that helps you find your favorite pet near in your surroundings. It shows you all the pets available for adoption in your locality.

Marco Polo

Marco Polo

Oh my God! Where I’ve just placed my iPhone,, Are you one of those who aren’t good at remembering things? No fuss, the Marco Polo ($1) from Matt Wiechec solves the issue. You just need to say ‘Marco’ loudly when you misplace your handset. Then this app will reply you with ‘Polo’ getting you closer to your cell phone. That’s great, isn’t it? It won’t work when your phone gets stolen.



If you’re after professional iPhotography, then SKRWT ($2) is the best photo-editing app that puts a lid on the weak points of your photo offering auto-cropping, high-level precision editing, adjustable grid and a lot more.


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