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It seems just like a problem for apple users that they cannot save the blobs of the latest version of IOS but now Cydia developer“Jay Freeman” also known as Saurik brings a new update of TSS center to save SHSH and APTickets of 6.1.3 on jailbroken device, it might be iPhone or iPad.

This will facilitate users to save blobs of the latest firmware to use in the future as other version can be saved using iFaith and TinyUmbrella.

SHSH and APTicketsIt is very easy to use and nothing is required for this purpose just need to have a supported iDevice with the latest version of IOS and it should be jailbroke.

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This will help users if they want to go back to the previous versions of the operating system as it is famous for IOS 6.1.3 that it is not breakable until now so people who wish to downgrade their device now can do it without having any trouble.Scroll down the article to view the points regarding its saving procedure that make it simpler for you.

Way to Save SHSH Blobs of IOS 6.1.3:

Save SHSH Blobs of IOS 6.1.3Do you have a jailbreaked device and want to save the SHSH blobs of new IOS version that will make it possible for you to downgrade your device with the previously braked version, then you can do it from today because Cydia has updated TSS center to save SHSH and APTickets especially for IOS 6.1.3. See the given instructions to make it possible for your iDevice.

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At first you need to jailbreak your device with the latest firmware IOS 6.1.3 to run Cydia on your device. If it is previously done, then skip this point and go ahead to read the next instructions.

In case of not updating go to the setting folder from the menu and tap general to see the updates where you have to search your require version to upgrade and click to download and install at the same time and wait to complete its process.

Once you do that open the Cydia on your device, search TSS center (SHSH & APTicket) option and click on it to continue the saving process.Further it will open some more options for you where you have to click on that option (Save IOS 6.1.3 Now).

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After clicking it you will see the message from the setup of TSS center to save SHSH and APTicket in words (Requesting from Apple), it will take a few minutes to complete, then a list of saved firmware SHSH blobs will display at the top of the device which means TSS center has succeeded in perform its function and now you can use SHSH blobs of your latest firmware at any time when you feel desire to downgrade your system.

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