Top Paid iPhone Apps Gone Free for the Time Being Only

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It always feels good when you get something for free. But now, you got a chance to get some of the paid iPhone apps absolutely for free. These apps are now available for free for a limited time frame that could be an hour or week from now. So, be fast and take the advantage of this favor before it gets expired.

Night shot camera

Night Shot Camera app

Have some instincts for iPhoneography? If so, get underneath this app as it lets you take real photos and videos of your loved ones even in low light. The app combines its own library to organise both photos and videos.

Major Highlights

  • Fast exposure
  • Led light
  • 8x zoom
  • ?mplifire picker
  • Photo video slider
  • Front & rear cameras

Normally, it costs you $3 but now available for free at App Store.

Pocket Studio

Pocket Studio

Want to make your own sound without doing too much? Say thanks to Pocket Studio that lets you do so. Coming with 96-track recorder, the app is ideal for novices who don’t know how to get their voice recorded.


  • 96 Tracks
  • Unlimited Songs
  • Import audio files from email
  • Beautiful Design
  • 118 BeatPad Kits (available for download)

The normal price of Pocket Studio is $10 but now it’s available for free.

Week Calendar

Week Calendar

Being organized and updated is required to be successful. Week Calendar might help you get a disciplined life. It offers a user-friendly interface so that there won’t be any issue while you’re using it. For me, it’s a best option and would like to suggest you to get over it.

  • Batch operations
  • Group templates
  • Several icons for different events
  • Simply relocate events using drag-n-drop
  • Pinch to zoom
  • Customizable display
  • Full screen support
  • Advance repetition rules
  • Time zone support

The Week Calendar is on sale from $2 and is now available for free at App Store.


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