Top iOS Apps For Easter

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iPhone apps for Easter

Is there any plan you have made for this Easter? It’s a time when you see joy and happiness all around. So, spicing up your holiday period we bring you the top iOS apps for Easter. Let’s find which is going to hang you on this holy festival.


Egglomania iPhone game

It’s a puzzle game that blends you with the Easter atmosphere. All you need to match the eggs that are lying scattered all around. The gameplay is simple and easy to understand, no complex work is required.

Color Me !!! Easter Free

Color Me !!!

If you don’t know the art of painting eggs, then this app helps you contribute in the holly festival allowing you to paint eggs neatly. It features a palette and a lot more options to color an egg.

Egg Hunt

Egg Hunt

If you are after some Easter games, then Egg Hunt ($0.99) knows perfectly how to make your day awesome. Featuring 350 hidden eggs, the new app offers a dynamic gameplay that keeps the user’s interest alive till the end.

Flip Eggs – Easter Edition

Flip Eggs

Are you looking for a title that can help you engage your kids? Here we bring you Flip Eggs ($1.29) designed especially for kids. It combines two modes; Pre-schooler Mode (2-5+) & Toddler Mode (1-2 years). There’re 12 sets of exciting pics depicting colourful eggs for an endless fun.

Wood Puzzle Easter Colors

Wood Puzzle

If the aforementioned puzzle game isn’t doing good for you, then head over Wood Puzzle ($1.29) for more fun and entertainment. Focusing on preschoolers, the app offers 15 exclusive Easter themed levels that keeps players intact for a longer period of time.


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