Top Free iOS Music Apps

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top free music apps for iOS devices

Is there anyone whose mobile phone doesn’t carry any of the music? That looks awkward when it comes to 21-century where everyone has its own favorite singer. There might be some folks who really don’t like songs or music as their doctors have asked them for a rest. Jest. Anyhow, we’ll bring you some free iOS Music apps that’ll surely spice up your music experience.


Guitar! music app

Are you a music lover or want to compose your own tune? Here Guitar helps you play music instruments virtually. It offers three free songs and if you want more popular songs then you’ll need to lessen your wallet weight. Impress your friends by your-own-made tunes and enjoy music in a better way.

Sing! Karaoke

Sing! Karaoke

That’s biggie if you think your voice is awesome. It offers two singing modes; Duet and Solo. The Duet mode comes free but you will have to pay for Solo mode with the points you get by singing or real cash. Really, there won’t be a need of getting Solo mode as Duet mode comprises a wide range of songs that doesn’t let you go anywhere.

Novation Launchkey

Novation Launchkey

True tunes doesn’t come knowingly, it’s a natural process incited by our moods or feelings that keep on varying time to time. So, you should be having a tool or app to track that tunes. For this, Novation Launchkey is a better option to get your perfect music tune. The user interface is easy-to-understand and ideal for novices.


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