Top 5 Photo-editing Apps for iPhone Users

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Best photo-editing apps for iPhone users

It is suffice to say many of the Smartphone users love to edit photos. It’s a fun that never gets colorless. Seeing that need of smartphone users, we somehow managed to bring you some of the best photo-editing apps that can really spice up your images.

Handy Photo

Handy Photo

The ADVA Soft’s Handy Photo ($2.99) is a really handy app that offers some of the best options everyone would love to have. Especially designed to make the central area more clear, the app brings unique ideas to your photos. One point where this app lacks is its user interface that could be complex for someone.



Want to see yourself in a sketch-like photo? Then Sktchy (Free) has covered you as it allows you to turn your pics into a sketchy feel. Moreover, it lets the users to stay connected with the community of those who’re using this nifty app.

Path on – Swipe to Type

Path On, a photo-editing app

The Path on ($1.99) brings a new way of adding text to your photos, in a more funny way. For me it’s the best text-adding app around. One thing that really grabs the attention is its custom feature that enables you to write anywhere in any style on the photo.


Facetune, iPhone app

If you are a person that gets bad close-ups, then no fuss, the Facetune ($0.99) is there to help you improve your close-up clicks by removing wrinkles, dark circles around the eyes and more. So, impress your pals by showing them your impeccable photos.


Geló iphone app

The James Moore’s Geló ($0.99) is handy tool of changing color of your photo. Sometime, most of the images will get awesome by simply imposing a suitable color. That’s what this app is known for. Go and grab Geló for a nice color-adding touch.


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