Top 5 iOS Apps of 2013: Candy Crush Remains At The Top

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Top 5 iOS Apps of 2013: Candy Crush Remains At The Top

During the rise and fall of 2013, people kept on getting apps from the Apple App Store. There are 60 billion downloads have been done up to now. So, here we’ve come with top 5 iOS apps of 2013 that’ll show you their worth, why they’ve been liked?

Candy Crush Saga

Top 5 iOS Apps of 2013: Candy Crush Remains At The Top

Amazingly, Candy Crush remains at the top of the list 2013, gaining the title of ‘’Most Downloaded Free App’’ on both iPad and iPhone this year. The captivating game also holds ‘’The Top Grossing App’’ of 2013. But Company doesn’t disclose any exact figures. The users take lots of pleasure playing Candy Crush through 400 thrilling levels, that’s what makes it #1 App of the 2013.

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Top 5 iOS Apps of 2013

YouTube got it’s 2nd place in that list. It shows user’s interest towards videos which brought it at second place. It allows the users to share their own videos with their friends instantly while they are on the go.

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Temple Run 2

temple run 2 got 3rd place

The worth of Temple Run 2 becomes more clear when we find it at 3rd number. It happens because of its unique game play that touches many iOS users. It’s all about jumping, sliding, running and turning. I think, the fact behind its 3rd place is its easy game play, as it doesn’t require too much thinking that might be irritating for someone.

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Vine comes at the fourth place

The Vine helps you to share your views with your friends in the form of looping videos. You don’t need extraordinary skills for this app, it’s easy to use and put smiles on your friends’ faces in a funny way.

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Google Maps

Top 5 iOS Apps of 2013

Google Maps is a great app guiding towards an accurate destination as it includes the comprehensive maps of 200 countries with voice GPS navigation. So, you don’t get lost with Google Maps on your iPhone.

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