Top 5 Christmas Apps for iPhone Users

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Top 5 Christmas Apps for iPhone Users

The Christmas season is about to come, everyone just wants to talk or listen about Christmas, you also see others planning for their Christmas. Keeping that in mind, we’re exactly doing the same here bringing some Christmas apps for iPhone users.

Christmas Sudoku

Top 5 Christmas Apps for iPhone Users

Christmas Sudoku packs 3 different modes of gameplay: Easy, Medium, and Hard plus 30 levels within the each mode. So, you will not be bored with this interesting app. You can also tell your friends about this app as it is specially made for the Christmas event. You will feel good when you see different Christmas icons being used in this game.


Top 5 Christmas Apps for iPhone Users

It’s time to organize your Christmas plans, for this, Christmas!! a free app is best for you to arrange your own Christmas schedules as it comprise Christmas advent calendar, countdown and a nice collection of Christmas songs. It is made particularly for the Christmas as it will not be unlocked until 1 Dec. but can be used year after year.

Christmas Radio

Top 5 Christmas Apps for iPhone Users

The Christmas Radio ($2.99) is one of my favorite apps for Christmas as it  includes 31,000 radio stations. It is based on the SHOUTcast radio, so now you can search a station by only a keyword and save your picks for rapid access later, that sounds great, isn’t it? Moreover, it can be streamed over 3G, EDGE or Wi-Fi, but you will stick to Wi-Fi or 3G for the best.

Santa’s Christmas Village

Top 5 Christmas Apps for iPhone Users

It is a free app sports more than 13 different games with full entertainment. They are checkers, solitaire, minesweeper, hangman, and many more. You’ll be happy to know that 20 holiday songs are provided built-in making your Christmas more warm. If you don’t find it good to be seen on your iPhone but your kids will surely love it.

The Christmas List

Top 5 Christmas Apps for iPhone Users

If you are very excited for the Christmas shopping, Christmas List ($0.99) app is made for you. It gives you a comprehensive budget according to your income, it’ll stop you from being extravagant. It contains email support, sortable categories and address book integration.


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