Top 4 New iOS Apps This Week

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top iOS apps

Want to see some new stuff on your iOS devices as you’ve got bored staying with the same things? We help you reviving your relation with your device. This time there’re some new iOS apps ready to deck your handsets. Let’s move down to find more about them.



The WebMD is a handy app that lets users maintain a healthy figure. It’s all free giving you a chance to know more about your body simply staying on your iOS device. If you think you have a problem regarding a particular part of your body, then app guides you how to get rid of it. The app works with the help of activity tracker making the results more accurate.

FIFA for iPad

FIFA for iPad

As the world is celebrating FIFA world cup 2014, so what about your iOS device? Shouldn’t it be joining this celebration? Here’s an official app that keeps you updated with every blink of game. Wherever you go FIFA world cup 2014 is with you. Are you ready to get the live action of your favorite game?



The Hopflow’s Hop is a free iPhone app bringing a new way to your email experience. Now you get email threads displaying like a chat messages. The newly-updated version combines a new ‘Hop Groups’ that allows users to view attachments, have group messages and smart notifications.

Yoga Studio

Yoga StudioThe Yoga Studio ($4) is a newly-updated iOS app for iOS 7. It brings 35 brand-new classes and moreover you can you share custom classes with your pals through email. It could be a god-send to yoga lovers.


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