Top 3 Social Sharing Apps for iPhone Users

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Social Media has become one of the most essential things of daily life. People use differents trending Apps and Web utilities for social interaction and promotion. Instragram has been widely used App for photo sharing on social media networks. Instagram is an amazing online photo-sharing and social networking website that provides the opportunities to share your pictures on social media websites like Facebook or Twitter.

Are you bored of Instagram and looking to get something new now? How about this, if some apps offers small video clips sharing? You must try out more great and interesting appson your iPhone. There are many iPhone apps to manage social media and sharing over social media networks.

Have a look on three best Video and Pictures sharing iPhone Apps for today’s active social media fans and user. Now use your iPhone everywhere, capture the great pictures and make interesting small clips, record great moments and share with your family and friends.

Top 3 Social Sharing Apps for iPhone Users







Vine is considered of the most important video clip sharing website. It is owned by Twitter. Vine iPhone App provides you the way to record a small video of 6-second intervals between different videos and share it on the social media. Vine can embed video clips on the twitter. Vine is available for the iPhone at iTunes.






Snapchat is a famous app for younsters. College and high school students love using social media and smart phones. Snapchatprovides users to take a photo or make a video and use in this app for identification while chating to each other. The photo or video gets remove automaitcally after the recipient or targeted friend will has seen it. Its cool and entertaining social interaction app for iPhone users.






Cinemagram is a good alternative of Instagram. Cinemagram does not make videos or pictures, but it creates GIF image with moving effects like a video. Its simple and creative way to entertain others with stylish and sleek way of making GIFs based pictures. This iPhone App Cinemagram is a new concept and liked by the iPhone users of age between 16 to 28. Cinemagram app enables you to make a video clip gives you a chance to turn it into a GIF file.

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