Top 3 Free Apps For iPhone & iPad

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Top 3 Free Apps For iPhone & iPad

iPhone and iPad users are always in search of some nifty apps that will really make them feel great about their products. Great and innovative apps are always popping up on the AppStore, here you’re gonna enjoy top 3 free apps for iPhone and iPad.

If you are going to have one of them then remember one thing that the prices can vary without notice, these applications might not be free when you read this article.

Sol; Sun Clock

This nifty apps is going to prove as a treasure for the iOS users as you will be well aware of sunrise or the sunset, no matter wherever you go! Great for the photographers that they can easily find golden hours on any particular date. Use this nifty app to plan your whole day, sort out the best time for fishing or photography. Sounds great isn’t?

Top 3 Free Apps For iPhone & iPad

It’ll tell you that how much sunlight have been left by you in the whole day or when will you enjoy sunrise next time. Find solar noon and solar midnight, all 3 twilight periods; nautical twilight, astronomical twilight and the civil light. The nifty Sol not only computes the amount of sunrise and daylight and the time of sunsets, but also any location in this whole world by simply using device’s GPS. No need for the external network it does so without any network connection.

PicturePhrase Entertainment HD

Top 3 Free Apps For iPhone & iPad

We’re celebrating  the new iOS 7 with the PicturePhrase free for weekend. Have unique typography to compose great photos with some nifty words. You’ll find more when you use this attractive app.

SkySafari 3

Top 3 Free Apps For iPhone & iPad

This app comes in 3 different versions. This is the basic version of the SkySafari 3. It lets you see 120,000 stars and 220 best known star nebulae, galaxies, and clusters in the sky. It shows Solar System’s main moons and planets using the NASA spacecraft and comprises some of the best known comets and asteroids.


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