Tamagotchi Style With TechPet App

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Do you want to carry your iPhone in a gorgeous and stunning way?

This article would be informative for you about Tamagotchi style with TechPet app for your iPhone to takes it in a new way to use.

Tamagotchi is a digital puppy toy made by Bandai and an app TechPet also made by this company to connect digital puppy to your device.

Price Tamagotchi: 59.99 $

Price TechPet app: Free

You can play with it, it needs to eat, laugh, walk and talk in his special language.


Tamagotchi style with TechPet app


This pet is carry both iPhone and iPod to create its face because he is without face and when you put your device in to its empty place in space of faces then he smiles. Yes it’s really interesting and a companion of you in your lonely time. It becomes alive when you turn it on by plugging it to the iPhone’s headphone port.

Tamagotchi with TechPet:

Both are ties together and cannot perform without each other. Tamagotchi is a toy and TechPet is an app to create functions in it to understand the language of your device and to perform giving commands through it. It makes connection via headphone port and able to play with you while you are feeling lonely or upset.

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Tamagotchi style with TechPet app for iPhone is the one of the best choice and more demanding now to pet a puppy in to your own home without having any trouble. Add a puppy’s photo on your device screen and if you want to add your own picture then you can do that.

TechPet appTamagotchi has emotions to express his feelings like anger, smiles and sad, also can bark as you can view in to the image. It is available in three colors pink, white and black. It reacts by watching you and listening your voice like singing, dancing and moving. If you want then you can connect your pet to other neighbor pets and this can be possible using iPhone’s Bluetooth and play with each other just as in real. Except it you can watch videos and play games on it also can change its positions according to your need.

When you have this digital pet then you have to fulfill its needs of feeding, sleeping, and health related issues can also be seen. In case of having any problem treats it by giving medication and give it time to take rest.

It is a fun creating method having Tamagotchi style with TechPet app for your iPhone used to interact with your loyal pet which gives you company wherever you are without having any issue.



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