Spotify to Introduce Free Music Streaming for iOS Users

| December 18, 2013 | 0 Comments

Spotify to Introduce Free Music Streaming for iOS Users

Spotify’s new feature ‘’free music streaming’’ has just arrived on iOS & Android devices, but what about other premium features?

Daniel Ek (CEO of Spotify) announced free music service for iOS and Android users while attending a press conference in the New York. This free version will come with advertisements, no need to get worried about it as they will not be as annoying as you find them in other similar services. Unfortunately, This version won’t allow you to listen songs on demand, you will have to make it via the play-listing method that’s a little irritating one. But we are happy with all this as we can enjoy free music streaming.

Spotify to Introduce Free Music Streaming for iOS Users

Now, the tablet users can enjoy Spotify’s free music streaming, it might feel a little awkward seeing it on a large display. But gradually, they’ll get used to it.

‘’Our main goal is to have more people to discover and access great music, ‘’Along with more people there’ll be more subscribers, that means more income back to the industry, said Daniel.’’

Now, you can download this new free music streaming from both Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. This free version is also expected to come for BlackBerry and Windows Phone in upcoming days.


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