Spin A New iPhone App: Enjoy Video And Chatting

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Spin A New iPhone App: Enjoy Video And Chatting

Net Power and Light (A San Francisco based company) released Spin a new iPhone app for video and chatting on the Tuesday evening. It is also compatible with the iPod Touch and iPad.

Your experience regarding video-chatting is gonna be changing with the release of Spin app and now you can get it from App Store. That’s not an end you can also enjoy the latest versions with some additional functions in the near future. You can see its Android version in 1st Q of 2014.

Spin A New iPhone App: Enjoy Video And Chatting

That’s biggie you would do with your chatting experience as it lets you chat with up to 10 different persons in a single session of chat. Perfect for those who have good senses regarding friendship. It could be productive for business point of view. It is not just confined here it lets the users share Facebook of YouTube videos and Flickr photos with your other fellows during a chat.

Since this nifty app has been made for Touch functionality of the mobile devices, the users can flick or swipe in & out of the gatherings. Moreover, the users can also zoom to increase the entire gathering or only required tile that depicts an individual in the group.

Spin A New iPhone App: Enjoy Video And Chatting

The Tara Lemmey ( founder & CEO of Net Power and Light) remarks about the Spin app, ‘’We made Spin technology in order to amplify the people’s relations with orders and to keep them connected with each other in a convenient way.


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