Spheres an iOS App Brings a New Way of Photo Sharing

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Spheres iPhone app

Sharing photos has never been so awesome before the Spheres. Really, the new app does the magic with your photos by sharing it in a new way. You just need to open the app, take your photo or upload it from the camera roll. Simple, isn’t it? Your photo goes to the Cloud and the folks whom you want share with, in the app language it’s called Sphere.

The people in your sphere then can see your picture without doing anything, but they will need to open the app. If you want to share your photo with a person who isn’t in your sphere, then no fuss you can contact him/her individually though text message or email where they get a link of your photo so that they can see your click in a browser. You can also share photos on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Spheres an iOS app

The app has a little resembles with Apple’s own iCloud Photo Sharing service. But you won’t find the ease as you find with Sphere while sharing your pictures to your pals or family members. The app is more active itself, takes the photos you want to share and simply puts them into your desired Spheres. Everyone in your Sphere then gets a notification of your new photos.

Spheres for iPhone users

You’ll need a Sphere account while adding the pics but not for viewing the images. You can have your Sphere account for free. It’s very easy to use and doesn’t require any complex work to run. The app also offers the same privacy policies as you find with other apps. Your pics are your property and can’t be subjugated by 3rd party. But make sure, there isn’t any offensive material your pics contain; otherwise company has a complete authority to take them down.

Spheres requires iOS 6 or higher and is optimized for iPhone 5.


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