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Do you love creativity? If yes then it will be good to hear for you that now you can make your iPhone more creative and artistic when you use an app of Harlem shake. Shake your iPhone with Harlem shake app by downloading it on your device and install it.

It will give you artistic way to Apply on your device which you can easily use for your device’s springboard and lock screen.

For designers and art lovers it is very interesting and best but you have to jailbreak your device first because it will not for persons who has not jailbroken devices. This application is available for Cydia users.

Download and install Harlem Shake:

Download Harlem Shake appBefore you go the settings to download this app you must be cleared to choose the required one because it has two different versions. Do you wanted to shake your iPhone with Harlem Shake?

Then, you have to download the springboard’s app if you are going to shake its springboard and choose lock screen version if you have desire to shake the lock screen of your device.

Once you select these then go ahead to see the further information regarding its procedure to download and install these versions on your iPhones to shake it well.

Harlem Shake for Springboard:

Harlem Shake appFollow the given steps:

  1. Take your jailbroken iPhone open application of Cydia and find out the version of Harlem Shake for Springboard.
  2. When you search Harlem shake, then press the button to download and install it on your device.
  3. Open the installed app and go to the setting to run this app on your iPhone.
  4. Select to activate this app by going to activator option.
  5. Here you have to select the mode of Harlem shake’s activation to run on your iPhone’s springboard.

Harlem Shake App for lock screen:

Harlem Shake App for lock screenIf you are searching information regarding lock screen shake then see the below instructions

  1. First of all open application of Cydia where you have to choose the Harlem shake version for your iPhone’s lock screen. For this open manage folder then sources and go to further edit and add.
  2.”  type this repo link on to the add folder
  3. Then click the repo button there you will see the link to install Harlem shake application. Once you find that link then click the button to install this application on to your iPhone.
  4. Keep in mind that you have to click on slide to unlock for about triple times to turn it’s mode to activate.
  5. Congratulation you successfully complete this task. Now shake your iPhone with Harlem shake app and it depends upon you whether you prefer to shake both springboard and lock screen or you want to shake one of them.

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