Photoshop Touch 1.4.1 released for iOS Users

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Photoshop has been pretty amazing with the graphics design facility and graphic designers around the world use Photoshop versions according to their need and requirement. Now it is the time of smart phones and technology and daily news apps are being launched for smart phones to bring more and more competition and increase in sales. Smart phones trend has increased the potential for companies and technology product providers and trend setters.

Photoshop Touch

Apple has been one of the major and main stream brand for smart phones, tablets under the product iPad and iPhone as smart phone is not a new product for anyone. Though, Apple has a big market share in America and Europe in desktop computer markets.

iOS is an operating system for Apple’s iPhone and iPad products!

Adobe Photoshop is a widely used graphics design software for PC and now Adobe brings iOS app of Adobe Photoshop Touch.


Photoshop Touch has amazing features for your iOS product that enable you to work from any where you are carring the product. Photoshop Touch has Powerful editing tools and graphics options make iPhone and iPad’s experience more outstanding for graphics designer and app users who are interested in graphics work. Whether you are at home or its vacations, and you need to work for freelance, utilize your iPad or iPhone, install Photoshop Touch on your Apple iOS device and do all your graphics design job with convenience.


Still there are some challenges to face in Photoshop Touch such are screen size of the smart phone. See, how you will work on Photoshop Touch  if you are using iPhone? If you are on iPad then it might be little helpful for you to do all editing and close analysis of the  art work and pictures you are working on.

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It might help many users who need little bit touch-up or editing of photos or need a simple logo to with simplest style and sophiscated design, they can work on Photoshop Touch  to see and check their graphic design talent. Its not easy to use graphics design software for an unkown person but a person who knows little bit about the photoshop or corel draw, he might be able to use Photoshop Touch  on his iPhone and iPad.

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