Pandora for iOS Devices Gets New Features

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Pandora for iOS Devices Gets New Features

Pandora a very famous internet radio service has updated its iOS app with an alarm clock option and a whole new iOS 7 style design, while the Amazon’s cloud drive Photos app makes its way to the iPad Mini and iPad.

Now, the users of Pandora can direct their iPhone and iPad application to wake them up at a prearranged time by playing their beloved radio stations. Doing exactly the same like Apple’s alarm, Pandora can be snoozed temporarily or silenced permanently through controls on your device’s display, and it also allows you to continue the music playing.

Pandora for iOS Devices Gets New Features

Moreover, the application sports a new visual design which matches Apple’s iOS 7 aesthetic. The company promises about some other bug fixes and improvements. Pandora v5.1 is now available free, 32.6MB download it from App Store.

The Amazon’s Cloud Drive users would be happy as they can enjoy Cloud Drive Photos app on their iPad and iPad Mini, allowing them to display their videos and photos on a bigger canvas.

Pandora for iOS Devices Gets New Features

Now, the videos up to 2GB can be downloaded or uploaded via this application, and stored video can be steamed  on any other devices. A new auto-save feature which is much similar to that found in the Dropbox, can back up your camera roll automatically to the Amazon’s servers. Amazon’s Cloud Drive Photo v2.0 is now available free, 19.7MB download it from App Store.


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