Official MEGA An iOS App Has Been Launched

| November 30, 2013 | 2 Comments

Official MEGA An iOS App Has Been Launched

The re-engineered and revamped MEGA service released earlier this year, and now official MEGA an iOS  app has been launched with enhanced options.

Kim Dotcom launched MEGA Service at the start of this year. The service came out with better user interface. But today, an official MEGA app for iOS devices has been released on AppStore. With this new app, the users can now manage MEGA Cloud Storage account, there are also some handy features which have been kept to enhance its productivity.

Official MEGA An iOS App Has Been Launched

Through this application, the users can now enjoy Faster File Transfer while it also has an ability to stream and preview files and documents which are supported by this service. Now users will be able to share and export folder and file links, they’ll be able to import different files from the links into MEGA Cloud Storage Accounts.

Official MEGA An iOS App Has Been Launched

Different features include support for the native iPad app and the photo synchronization. The Official MEGA an iOS app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch is now available for free download from the AppStore.


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