Newly Launched iOS Apps For iOS users

| November 1, 2013 | 3 Comments

Newly Launched iOS Apps For iOS Users

It’s always very difficult to come with some newly launched iOS apps every week. We’ve some innovative apps for your device that’ll really enhance your experience of getting entertained.

Twitter/Tweetbot 3

Newly Launched iOS Apps For iOS users

Twitter for iPad and iPhone has been modernized so that your photos or videos can be watched easily within the timeline, no need for a new window. Tweetbot 3 ($3) is a Twitter client for the iphone that released early in this week, especially redesigned for the iOS 7 comprising mute filters, support for read-it-later service, and Native Push Notifications.

Slow Fast Slow

Newly Launched iOS Apps For iOS users

The Slow Fast Slow ($2) a video app for the iPhone users that let you shoot at some high frame rates. Now the users can make their own Slow Motion highlights simply using your iPhones.


Newly Launched iOS Apps For iOS users

Skimbox is a new iPhone email client let the users get mythical ‘’inbox zero,’’ allowing them to distribute some important emails to ‘’mainbox,’’ and everything else to archives or trash.

Level Money

Newly Launched iOS Apps For iOS users

Level Money (free) is an iPhone application which allows the users to stay on the budget with a graphic reminder. The users can now eyeball their most recent status without calculating any math in their minds. Amazingly, this app is supported by multiple top level American banks.


Newly Launched iOS Apps For iOS users

Gneo ($3) for iPad and iPhone, distinguished by its simple but elegant user interface. The users can now keep their schedules and priorities to their To Do lists, and can set reminders within the application. Above all they can sync  all their actions with the Evernote account.


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