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new iOS appsThis time, our new roundup of iOS apps comprises exclusive ideas from organizing financial matters to having a better leisure with Game of Thrones. This isn’t just end here, there’re also some other new apps that could be your favorite one.

Next for iPad

New finance managing app for iPhone

If you have been in a trouble of handling financial issues, then Next for iPad ($1.99) has covered you. Really, it’s a great way to manage your expenses with easy demonstrations. The expense-tracking application aims to graph your spending data, allowing you to have a quick view of all what you’ve spent on different things. This app might come handy making you a little conscious about money if you’re careless in spending.


FireChat a free way of chatting

It’s just awesome when you chat with people around you without having any internet connection or using phone balance. The FireChat (Free) is a new iPhone app that allows users to have free chat with the people that are running the same app too. All you need to get closer to a person with whom you want to chat. It is the best communication tool while working under one roof especially when there’s no internet service or phone balance available.

DIY Sun Science

DIY Sun Science

In a world of technology, everyone likes to go far beyond the limits exploring more new ways. We aren’t supposed to share a way of disappearing here but a little new DIY Sun Science (Free) that lets science lovers learn more about the sun. The handy app comprises satellite views of sun in the form of videos and detailed info. So, engage your little ones with a learning stuff.

Game of Thrones Ascent

Game of Thrones Ascent

The new title comes down from HBD sequel featuring dozens of adventures, 2500 thrilling quests and more with no kind of nudity. Above all, it’s a free game for your iPhone or iPad. Let’s see how you get the best out of it.

Real Estate

Real Estate is really Real

With this app, you need not worry about finding house near in your surroundings as the Real Estate (Free), an iOS app does all that for you. The new version offers a new feature ‘Recommended for You’ meaning you can seek a home that fits into your recommendations.


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