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Latest iOS apps.

This time, we’ve come up with a new roundup of iOS apps that might help users get the best out of their iOS device. One of them comes handy while you’re driving. Let’s have a peek at the whole collection.



The iParked (free; iPhone 5S only) makes your traveling easy with better options. Once you have downloaded it from the App Store, open the app and that’s it. The app can automatically sense when you have stopped driving and marks the spot. And when you start your journey, you need to open the app again to get further guide. It also saves the spot where you’ve parked your car.



The Daniele Orlando’s PureContact ($1) brings a new way to view your contact list. The face-based app features a gesture mode to have a quick access to your pals. The gesture mode includes a swipe or a double tap to email, text, or phone your pals.

TuneIn Radio Pro


The newly-updated TuneIn Radio Pro ($4) is a real radio experience that you can have on your handsets. With over 100,000 radio stations and 4 million podcasts from around the world, the app is going to rock. There won’t be any irritating ads when you’re using the app. It also lets the users record what they’re listening to. There’s a new ‘TuneIn Echo’ feature allowing the users to share their music with friends.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

The Facebook Messenger brings a new update to its users with more enhanced features. It’s a free app that now adds video meaning you can share your videos with your pals right from your cameral roll. Other new features include – improved search, shortcuts to stickers and quick photo sharing.


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