What You Need to Know About Apple’s New Health App

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Apple's new Health app

After seeing Apple announcing its all-new iOS 8, everyone involved in the world of gadgets wants to know more about iOS 8. So now, things are getting clear as what we got new in iOS 8. Here we’ll discuss Apple’s new Health app that may wonder many.

Apple on Monday unveiled its new Health app covering all from your diet to workout plans. It comes with other new features of iOS 8 that we’ve already covered, click here if want to know about them. Anyhow, this is the first time Apple is focusing on the health issues perhaps seeing the urge of being well among the folks.

It’s like an aggregation app that gathers different things together at one place. It may sound you like apple’s existing Passbook app that allows users to amass things like coupons, boarding passes and movie tickets at one place. In other words, it’s a one-place shop where all of your needs get solved.

Here’s a statement from Apple issued right after the WWDC keynote elaborating company’s health plans;

“iOS 8 offers developers the ability for health and fitness apps to communicate with each other. With your permission, each app can use specific information from other apps to provide a more comprehensive way to manage your health and fitness. For example, the Nike+ apps using NikeFuel will be able to pull in other key HealthKit metrics such as sleep and nutrition to build a customer user profile and improve athletic performance.”

Apple also has a partnership with a non-profit organization, May Clinic to let users share their medical data with the top healthcare professionals making it easy for the patients to communicate with the doctors.

Honestly, we don’t see Apple coming with any of the big enhancements expect a main focus on health in iOS 8. Want to share your own thoughts? Please sound off in the comment section given below.


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