Must Have iPhone Weather Apps

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Must Have iPhone Weather Apps

Everyone has a relation to weather, it could be negative or positive in different ways. When you want to go outside and enjoy the snow, it would be in the positive sense and when you go outside for any other business, suddenly rain spoils your plans then it would be in a negative sense. In short, weather plays a very important role in our lives indeed we are dependent on weather. So, our meetings and events should be planned accordingly.  Here, we’ll help you know about upcoming weather conditions with the assistance of some iPhone weather apps for better planning.

Mizzle (Free)

A better option for predicting weather conditions

The useful app lets you know about 3Hrs predictions for temperature, wind and precipitation. It can also forecast weather for 14 days that combines sunset times, sunrise, air pressure, humidity and cloudiness. So, forecast weather conditions with accurate predictions.


weathercube a perfect app for knowing weather conditions

The gestural weather application designed especially for your iPhone, that lets the users pinch, tap and swipe their way keeping weather conditions in mind. It’s available in different languages and allows color customization and serves 1.3 million cities around the globe. So, why not to give it a try?

AccuWeather (Free)

AccuWeather a nice option for weather predictions.

The eye-catching graphics offer an extra-touch to this app, making it realistic. Apart from the graphics, the weather app comes handy when you are in need of knowing the weather conditions outside. It’ll make you alert about upcoming weather situations such as, ‘The weather isn’t appropriate for outdoor picnic today’. Impress your fellows or siblings with this unique idea that has been kept in AccuWeather.


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