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New iPhone apps.

New apps keep coming every day, so it’s difficult for you to keep an eye on all of them. Here, we’ve assorted a list of new iPhone apps that just have arrived at Apple App Store. Let’s have a look at them.

Secret – Speak Freely

Secret - Speak Freely

Need someone with whom you share all of your secrets or thoughts? The Secret – Speak freely (free) has got you covered as you can share your feeling with your pals. What are you feeling or thinking, just feel free and say everything on your mind. Really, it’s the best way to put your stress aside.  You can add photos related to your thoughts making it more touchy.



The Slingshot (free) is an interesting app that lets the users share their iOS screen with anyone. They can join and host sessions from anywhere. It employs Apple AirPlay Technology to broadcast the sessions to any other iOS device. The striking features of Slingshot include – Meeting Minutes, Screen Sharing, Document Sharing, Video Chat, audio and text chat, Mobile sessions and a lot more.

NinJump Smash

NinJump Smash

Want to have a game for your pass time? The NinJump Smash (free) is a better option. It won’t require any complex work to play. You just need to smash everything that comes ahead of you. That’s the storyline, simple isn’t it? The graphics and sound effects are awesome that keep the users bound for long hours.

Blast Zone

Blast Zone

Here’s another title to avoid boredom, the Kabam’s Blast Zone (free) is all about bombing. Hold your bomb and blast it where you want to. The fast-paced action title brings you the explosive combat that won’t let you down even after spending multiple hours on it.


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