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This week’s roundup of iOS apps includes many titles that help you explore more about stars and science, listen radio with ease, lose weight and learn foreign languages. Scroll down to know more about them.

Pimsleur Course Manager

Pimsleur Course Manager

It’s a free iOS audio app that lets users learn other international languages in an easy way. All you need to pay attention on a 30-minute lesson every day that gradually will make you speak other languages. The app will get you to the exact point where you left it off. So, there’s no chance of skipping any line of your lesson.

Lose It!

Lose It!

Want to get a slim body or remain fit? Here’s a handy iOS app I’ve known about, the Lose it! (free) motivates you to choose the best for you and help you get a desired figure. With this app, you know your daily calorie budget so you don’t eat more that disturbs your budget. The app tracks your exercise and food to ensure you’re running on a right track.



Everybody here loves to know about the space and science. The Kiwaka ($3) for iPhone and iPad offers a learning experience in a game. You start your expedition right from the African jungle, you need to catch the fireflies (that’ll lighten up the stars in the sky), name and explain the constellations.

Hitch Radio


It’s a free iOS app that brings you a social networking experience while you’re listening to radio. Set your tune from the 20,000 stations and then let your pals know what you are listening to. That’s great as it involves a social interaction. To share, you need to tap your pals with a message that’ll last 3 to 9 minutes, when they got it they can ‘Hitch’ a ride with you to hear what you hear and go where you go in real time.


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