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Latest iOS Apps

Every time we come up with new stuff brings more interesting things to your iOS devices. So, this time also get ready for new apps that might resurrect your relation with your handset which was broken as you weren’t getting anything new out of your device. Let’s find what comes new in our weekly roundup of latest iOS apps.

The Daily Beast

The Daily Beast App

Those interested in news could better tell how Daily Beast has been providing the latest stories happening around the world. Its’ a free iPhone app that allows users ‘read’ or ‘skip’ each story they see. It’ll take some time getting used to and display more of the stories of your choice.



It’s no more different from above-mentioned app; the common thing between them is to make you aware of the things around. But Kindle does its job in a more productive way that’s probably ideal for students and teachers as well. Offering 1,000,000 books, the app also combines loads of magazines and newspapers.



Are conscious about your health like others? Here we’ve got a special app named Fitbit designed to keep you updated with your body fitness.

Here’s a product description from App Store,

Live a healthier, more active life with Fitbit, the top app for tracking all-day activity, workouts and health. NOW track runs stats, hikes and routes with MobileRun and stay on top of your calorie goals with faster, smarter food logging.

Microsoft OneNote for iPhone

Microsoft OneNote for iPhone

Have something to jot down that you think won’t come easily to your mind again? OneNote is a free app for taking down your sudden-come thoughts and discoveries. So, are you willing for getting your digital notebook right now? Get over it as it’s a totally free utility. You can read your favorite stuff while you’re on the go.


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