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New iPhone apps

Let’s get into the latest iOS apps to give your handset a new look. Are you get tired of your iPhone as there’s nothing left for interest? Our new bunch of iOS apps could help you resurrect your contact with your device with new ideas. The music enthusiasts will be enjoying one of them that allows the users to stay connected with their favorite singers.


Zippy iphone app

It’s not that sort of app that just reminds you about your appointments or tasks, but also gives you suggestions how you can improve your habits and way of life. It’s really awesome when you see someone talking about your instincts. The Zippy ($1) keeps a sharp eye on your tasks, how many are left to be done.

CMT Artists

CMT Artists iphone app for music lovers

The CMT Artists (Free) knows everything about your favorite artists and keeps you updated with the every move of them. It shows you the bios of your favorite singers with tons of videos and photos. Now, music lovers can purchase their chosen songs direct from iTunes, or buy tickets for concert without having fuss.


ETA your new iphone app

We all have to travel for some reasons that vary person to person. Before going anywhere, we just estimate that how much time it’s going to take. Thanks to ETA ($2), an app that tells you how long you’ve to travel from your current location to next location.

Second Chance Heroes

Second Chance Heroes iphone game

It’s time to get amused by a game, the Second Chance Heroes ($1) doesn’t let you down when you have nothing to do. It would be really great when you find yourself killing zombies, sentient cheeseburgers and zombies.


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