iRing Makes Possible to Control your iOS Music Apps with Hand Gestures

| January 9, 2014 | 0 Comments

iRing a new technology

That’s biggie for those who keep busy on their iOS music apps as there’s a revolution waiting for them in the form of a ring. It’s not a simple ring that people usually wear on their fingers. There must be something inventive, that’s why, we’re covering it.  Yeah! It’s a whole new concept which you’ll see in this innovative iRing ($25).

Wear it and see the magic, it responds to your hand gestures to perform different tasks on your iOS device. The double sided ring works in front of your device’s camera, that reads your hand movements. So, move your hand in any direction and see your device following it, that’ll look awesome, won’t it?

The creative iRing produced by IK Multimedia is compatible with company’s music applications, comprising VocaLive and GrooveMaker. It could be a gem for the professional music makers and DJs who would like to compose their music without touching their devices.

The manufacturer wants to enlarge its range, providing more facilities to their users. If there’s anyone who has any idea regarding this technology, he/she can contact to IK Multimedia to widen this concept.

It is now available for pre-orders at IK Multimedia’s site with different colors such as white, green, or silver.


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