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It’s time to have more new stuff on your iPhone. Today, we bring you the latest titles that just have arrived at Apple App Store. One of them gives you a chance to participate in the Superbike World Championship. If you are after racing games then give this app a little try. Apart from it, there’re lots of new things to explore.



If you have interest in photography, then you must be aware of Richard Avedon, one of the greatest photographers in 20th century. The Avedon is a free app for iPad users letting them know about Avedon’s photojournalism, stunning portraits and fashion photography. It might help you understand his mind and style of taking photos.

SBK14 Official Mobile Game


The SBK14 from Digital Tales could turn your boredom into a real entertainment. All you need to download this app from the App Store. Your wallet isn’t gonna empty as it is absolutely free. It combines 27 riders, 16 racing teams and 27 riders to play spicing up your whole day.

eBay Valet

eBay Valet

If you are in a need of someone that helps you sell your stuff, then here’s an iOS app eBay Valet makes it easy for you to sell your things with ease. Take a pic of what you’re intended to sell and post it. There you’ll get an estimated price of your thing. If you find a good proposal then pack up your stuff and send to the valet. With eBay Valet, I am sure you won’t have any extra stuff around you.


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