iOS Apps For The Apple’s Users

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iOS Apps For The Apple’s UsersNew and latest iOS apps have been made this week to enhance the public’s interest towards the iOS devices. These iOS apps will allow you to enjoy your device in more advanced way. Now get ready to have a look at these iOS apps.

British Airways British Airways app for the iPhone comes to support you in the airports that you can download your boarding passes from the app and can use your boarding passes from your iPhone in over hundred worldwide airports.


iOS Apps For The Apple’s UsersOne thing that you should know about the clipchat that it is not Vine, you can share videos of six seconds in length but in clipchat you can share 5 seconds length videos and Vine provides loop but clipchat does not provide.

Hulu Plus

iOS Apps For The Apple’s UsersThe latest modification to Hulu Plus will make you to do various tasks while watching favorite TV programs or shows. If you want to see a video then just pinch it and then it will disappear at the lower side of the screen. You can go for others videos for watching without having any trouble related to this scenario.

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