How to Share Live Video Streaming With Your iPhone?

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iPhone users love different apps on their iPhones. They  share pictures, news, data, pictures with friends and family. Social Media has become one of the major and famous things in today’s daily life. People like to share their pictures, memories, experiences through a wide range of media like videos, pictures, funny images, designs, wallpapers and other stuff on facebook, twitter, Pinterest and Google+. Koozoo iPhone app giving a new user experience to video sharing fans by providing the opportunity to share offline and live video sharing. This iPhone app enhances the value of their sharing by adding more value to the social media sharing.


Koozoo works as a network of smartphone video cameras with the mobile app which users can download and use free. This app makes world more closer to the people and turning whole real world into a virtual world through this amazing iPhone app. iPhone users will be experiencing this app through.

Koozoo iPhone app makes world connected with you and provides you the opportunity to share your live appearance with your friends. If you find out something interesting is happening, you can now share it with your friends.


Koozoo users will be using this app to share their real life experiences and funny moments. User has to download Koozoo iPhone app, and he can start sharing real time videos being shared by the friends from different places and even other parts of the world. It is something big certainly, to achieve the expected results from the designed idea and the product. It takes time to settle down after launching a unique idea and product.

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Koozoo has two kinds of users. Koozo basic membership has the feature users to share videos from their smartphones and basic members can search new members through map-styled search interface to identify and search new users. Other membership type is Advance membership in which Advanced members share their favorite moments through live camera view. No worries, whether you are at office or home, it will be helpful fo you.

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