Harlem Shake for iPhone – Dancing Your iPhone Screen

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Harlem shake for iPhone app linked to entertainment category of apps. Really amazing that you can create funny and interesting videos to share with your friends using social networks like Facebook, YouTube and etc. with the option of saving.


Harlem Shake on iPhone

You can view its features by viewing the given image in this article that cropping clips from video along with filters is available to make it more attractive for people to watch. Adding face and slow motion effects can also be used via Harlem shake video maker.

Price: Free

Download from Apple Store for jailbroken iPhones

Way We Download Harlem Shake for iPhone:


Why Harlem for iPhone

Now you can dance your iPhone’s screen by making animations through Cydia’s app Harlem shake. This makes you able to create shaky clips for your iPhone and to save these for sharing with your friends to get the results of your creativeness. Harlem shake for iPhone app now:

Take a jailbroken iPhone to start the process of installation, if it is not already jailbroken then first go to the process to jailbreak your device first and then view the previous instructions. This is necessary because unbroken iPhones cannot support this app.

To run this application on your iPhone use BigBoss repo and once it properly done then you become able to use Harlem shake app on to your device anywhere you want to add its effects, either in settings, screen and folders the choice is yours.

Harlem Shake for iPhoneBy applying Harlem shakes effects on your iPhone’s home screen you will see the icons are moving, shuffling or shaking just like animated effects.

To install this app from Cydia go the manage option then open sources and tap edit which will lead you towards add where you have to search about its link to tap its installation button on to your device.

On the other side just type its name on web browser and choose the BigBoss repo to install Harlem shake app. It is a simple process just tries it to create fun for you and for others.

Saving option is also there for you but the bogus thing is that you have to pay for it, without which you will not capable to save your creative clips, made by yourself although, its installation process has no cost and open for everyone.

Facebook, Twitter and other social links are there for you to share your favorite video to others as you daily watch these types of clips on that links. Neither else Harlem shake for iPhone app to make it popular among your friend’s iPhones.

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