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Findery new iPhone app

Innovations won’t stop, everyday you see more new things coming from the globe. But this time, the co-founder of Flicker, Caterina Fake takes the spot light by rolling out a whole-new concept right on your iPhone. The Findery iPhone App might sound you a bit like Pinwheel. Let’s find how it works for you.

If you’re a social person and like to travel different places, then Findery has got you. How was your visit at Mount Rushmore? So, now you can pin your thoughts to that location where they clicked your mind, thanks to Caterina Fake who did a great job bringing one more handy utility to our lives.

Using Findery, you can see other’s review or personal feelings about that particular place where you want to go. If you think, it isn’t that sort of to be shown others, no worry as you got a choice to private or public your notes. It could be anything from photos to tips or personal viewpoint. It’s really a handy tool to avoid fuss as you already know, what kind of experience you’re about to get at that particular location.

Things get more inventive when you hear, Maps are also the part of this app upon you find lots of ease seeking different sites with folk’s review about that places. It’s really a best way to stay aware of a specific place.

It is now available in the Apple App Store while Android app is also under making process. Wanna say something about this new app? Please sound off in the comment section given below.


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