Hands-on With Bellabeat – A Better Pregnancy Experience With iPhone

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bellabeat a new ios device

All would-be moms should be having this new updated version of iOS app, Bellabeat comes to allow the expectants to have a great synchronization with your unborn little baby.

The new version comprises a feature to help mothers track their health vagaries. Moreover, it offers a complete guideline for all matters till the delivery. Now, you don’t need to go for a doctor to listen your inside offspring as this new app allows the women to get updated with the every heartbeat of their coming baby. It’s a complete system that works with your iPhone connected to a mouse-like device. That’s it, simple.

The device transmits sound waves to the expectant’s tummy that send back data to your iPhone screen where you can see graphical demo of your kid’s heartbeat fluctuating up and down. It also tells about how many times baby has made kicks and how much weight it has gained over time. These are the things that every reasonable couple would like to have when they are having a new member to come in their lives.

Above all, the app includes a mood feature that keeps users posted with their moods. Women can better understand how the mood goes change in the pregnancy. So, this new concept will allow them to keep a close eye on their moods. All the nearby clinics have been listed in this app. So, now you got a choice of different clinics to find which can give you a quality treatment. Temporarily, lt’s available for iOS devices but company looks very keen going for the Android devices and soon it’ll be available.

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