Great iOS Travel Apps Making Your Holiday Easier

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Great iOS Travel Apps Making Your Holiday Easier

People around your surroundings are gearing up to travel for Thanksgiving, but with some right applications on your handset, you can avoid the tiresome pain of holiday rush.

Traveling could be headache for someone particularly during some big holidays like the recent coming Thanksgiving. With lots of people traveling at the same time, you are faced with bad weather, packed airports, unexpected schedule changes, and irritable passengers trying to get home for this holiday.

Great iOS Travel Apps Making Your Holiday Easier

To keep your stress level low, I selected some great iOS travel apps which will keep you on your organized schedule.

Just Landed

Great iOS Travel Apps Making Your Holiday Easier

It isn’t exactly an application for the holiday traveler intrinsically, but uses your current flight schedules and GPS location to help you choose the exact to go and pick up your siblings from the airport.

Just Landed covers a well designed minimalist interface with some tools you want to pick up a particular person at the airport. Let’s move on its work-mechanism, once you’ve your fellow’s flight info, you may enter the flight number in this app to get the updated information about his/her flight on the travel day, comprising whether his/her flight was late or will reach early.

Though Just Landed is not for the holiday traveler, it’ll come in handy for those who’re picking up their friends or siblings at the airport.


Great iOS Travel Apps Making Your Holiday Easier

The Triplt allows you to set up an account, forward travel confirmation Emails to a particular Email address like ([email protected]) to set all your holiday info available on your handset. Everything from restaurants, car rentals, flight times, to hotels you wanna try, and lots of other things can be added to your holiday trip card, so you know your itinerary very well on your iPhone.

It is more than a list of info. Triplt takes your holiday plans, mapping data, uses flight data, and above all to give you a comprehensive schedule of particular events. For an example, when you reach at your endpoint, you can get directions to the restaurant, car rental location and can check the condition of the weather.


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