Google Maps App Releases on iPad

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Google Maps App Releases on iPad

The new version of Google Maps app comprises entire support for iPad, moreover, developers can add street view now and indoor floor ideas for their own creations. And this is going to be very nifty as you can explore your surroundings with great ease.

Google Maps app now works with the all running iOS 6 ~ the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It gives a cleaner look and feel, and the search results appear red icons for the locations you are looking for. so you can enjoy your street view with more clarity.

Google Maps App Releases on iPad

New information sheets allow the users to access particular information on the each location comprising pictures and reviews, and the explore feature lists adjacent places of attention such as the shopping centers and restaurants. And you can impress your friends with the great Google Maps app.

It could be very nifty for those who always face a problem in finding some desired nearby places but they could not make it easily as they do not have a comprehensive knowledge about the surroundings. So, I suggest them to get this Google Maps app that really could help you.

Google Maps App Releases on iPad

Dynamic Map redirecting isn’t yet accessible on the iOS version, though it is on the Android version, states wired. This uses the new traffic information to reroute the users around hectic areas. Google says it is coming soon to iOS. The iOS is also getting instructions for bicycles, too.

The version 1.4 of developer Kit for the iOS maps allows the app makers to add Street View indoor floor and imagery plans to their creations.

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