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Google provides an opportunity to its user in shape of application Google latitude. How to set up Google latitude iPhone is the basic question here to get benefit from it. Now a day’s many iPhone users install this application to get aware from their friend’s status. This enables you to keep in touch with your contacts and you can find them anywhere they are. There are many sources available on network browsers from which you can easily download this free of cost and can install on your iPhone.

Google latitude iPhone with instructionsIt helps you in many ways in your business or personal life. You can check out the status of your relevant person for which you want. All this happened through a map designed by Google. Even you can see them visually through this map. After installing it on your iPhone, you can access to your friends and family members on map and can find their present location whereas you can set your status by your own choice whether you want to show your status to others or want to hide you then no one can access you. Also you can restrict it in local location that if you will go out of the city, then you will remain invisible to others. On the other side you can on your status outside the country. Simply you can set your privacy setting as you do in facebook, etc.

Instructions to Download Latitude:

Latitude is a program that you have to be allowed to share the locations to others without which you cannot be able to share you and others on map. Also the disable function is present after completing task.The least obligation of Google latitude iPhone is 3GS with IOS 4 version. It can be downloaded or install by following these instructions:

  • First of all open a web browser on iPhone
  • Find the way of Google latitude on web
  • When you find this then start to download this application on your iPhone
  • After completion go to the main menu where choose to join Google latitude
  • It will ask you your name, password and other relevant information to make your account and you have to fill these columns.
  • Then you will see a confirmation message and you can save many of your contacts who are the users of Google latitude iPhone to share your online location status to them and also to see their location status too. This is a small procedure to install this application on your device.
  • Background facility facilitates you at that time when you locked your device and it works on backside of the device and manages the whole process of latitude.
  • It is very easy to use and beneficial too. It can understand many languages in which are French, German, English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Polish and Arabic with many others.

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